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Knowledgepedia is a free encyclopedia for all. As we all know Knowledge is everywhere and is free, the initiative is to provide as much knowledge in different subjects as possible. We do not specialize in any specific field; however our members help us putting across the desired content on the web space. Knowledge can not only be attained through education but also experience.

There is no age of learning and is a lifelong process which slows down with time. In the early stage we learn the stuff by remembering whereas in the later stage we learn the stuff through our experience. Knowledgepedia is an online library of text and images which would be beneficial for all, please refer to sitemap for more detail. The education, learning, content, knowledge all here is free.

Knowledgepedia articles are written by all age groups, though we do not provide and payouts for writing but if people wish to donate on the website for the cause, we welcome their concern. We accept donations in terms of knowledge, articles, images and money transfer through our visitors and users. Knowledgepedia is building on the concept of free knowledge for all and is established in 2014, where we already have several contributors listed with us. Like the concept we tried to acquire free modules from various sources to put together and build a website for the users, where the CMS is powered by Joomla and template skin is borrowed, with lot of modules taken from publishers of Joomla Template.

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Gobierno toma medidas tras incremento de la temperatura spanish default 2015/03/29 2015/03/29 cnnee peru nuevas medidas incremento temperatura CNN false 2:29 no false
El gobierno de Ollanta Humala ha dado ordenes especiales por el intenso calor y las inusuales lluvias presentadas en Perù.
Denuncia de abuso en la frontera de EE.UU. spanish default 2015/03/29 2015/03/29 cnnee presunto abuso frontera eeuu CNN false 2:52 no false
El caso de un joven mexicano que fue presuntamente golpeado por un agente de proteccion fronteriza de EE.UU. podría precipitar reformas.
Son: Father 'took us from the third world into the first' world default 2015/03/29 2015/03/29 pkg coren singapore yew funeral CNN false 2:12 no false
Lee Kuan Yew's son pays tribute to Singapore's founding father and the legacy he left behind. CNN's Anna Coren reports.
Aplicaciones para todo y para todos spanish default 2015/03/29 2015/03/29 CNNE CLIX REVISIÓN DE APLICACIONES CNN false 2:12 no false

Aplicaciones para todo y para todos

-2 hours ago
En Clix nuestro colaborador José Carlos García, del diario El Tiempo de Colombia nos presenta: i-seismometer, i-sing y Cinamatic